Christopher Goodall

Photography is an amazing thing and something I have always been interested in since playing with my father's old film camera as a boy (24 out of focus shots of the ceiling was something I don't think he appreciated too much). But as a child I always enjoyed looking through the photo albums my parents had made with all the good times and the bad recorded in print forever. These memories are what inspire me to produce only the best images for my clients as children are only young for a short time, special occasions happen in a series of moments and memories of the old times must be told through the photos, so the stories may live on.

Living in a world of camera phones, selfie sticks and social media networks has changed the role of a photographer in many ways. The question of why do I need a professional photographer has become a real challenge especially for those starting on the career path but in many ways a professional is needed more than ever. You can buy the latest, most expensive camera on the market but if you do not understand how to make the most of it the moment is lost.

Having worked in retail management, knowing that I had the creative and technical ability to do the career I had always wanted to do, I took a big step into the unknown and began my career as a photographer. I am based in the historic city of York which has stunning scenery and vibrant nightlife making it a perfect place for events and portraiture. York is also very well positioned to access the entire region of Yorkshire and further afield so I am more than willing to work out side of the city.

I am currently looking to expand my portfolio through all genres of photography and develop relationships with local businesses and other creative individuals. If you have a project in mind or even wish to discuss what I can produce for you please do not hesitate to contact me through the contact page on this website.